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Wooden Roses

These beautiful flowers are amazing! In fact, they look so real, most people won't believe they're not until they actually touch them.
They are delicately hand crafted so no two are exactly alike. The rose petals are made from high quality Birch Wood and the leaves are made from fiber. The stem of the rose is constructed from a life-like green wrapped bendable wire perfect for making arrangements.

The small wood rose buds are approx. 2 inch high x 1 inch wide.; Stem length on the wood rose bud is 11 inches.

1 dozen bouquet~~~Item #WR001~~~$8.00/dozen
12 roses (unscented) w/sprig of onion grass in a cello floral sleeve~~~may choose up to 3 colors (see below).

Rose Colors:

Colors (from left to right):
Pink/purple; Purple; White/purple;                               Green; Blue; Black; Red/black; Red; 
White/lavender; White; White/yellow; Yellow;          White/red; Pink/red; Pink; Pink/hot pink;
Yellow/orange; Orange; Peach; White/dark red;         Hot pink; Burgundy; Pink/burgundy.

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